The Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse is the workhorse of CFTC fleet. The aircraft are equipped with the latest in «glass cockpit» technology. The Garmin G500 will give our students the opportunity to learn on modern technology used in the commercial jets of today from the very beginning.

Constructed in London, Ontario, the DA20 is a 2 seat all composite aircraft powered by a 125 HP Continental Motors IO240 engine. This type of construction makes the DA20 light, fast, and good looking. It has a large bubble canopy and a center joystick control making it feel like flying in a fighter jet.


  • Engine: 125HP Continental IO-240 Engine
  • Seats: 2
  • Speed: 138 KTAS
  • Range: 547 nm
  • Fuel Burn: 5.5 GPH
  • Service Ceiling: 13,120 feet
  • Stall Speed: 36 KIAS

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