Payment and refund policy for Canadian Residents

Here at the Calgary Flight Training Centre we strive to give the best flight training experience possible, if refunds of money are required for training you did not receive, finished with extra money available, or if unforeseeable life circumstance may arise we will gladly refund any and all money not used for your flight training back to your bank account where it came from.

Here is our official policy outline for payment to the school and refunds:
Once a student has decided to start flight training at the facility and has been accepted into the program there are 2 options for payment.

  1. Large sum deposit into students account with school: if this option is chosen after each training session funds for that training will be taken from account balance and receipt showing what was taken will be provided
  2. Individual payments: this option requires the student to have a credit or debit card, and after each training session the amount used will be paid for at a point of sale terminal located at the school.

Refund policy

If a student does not use any portion of their funds on their account at the end of their training or if they transfer schools before training, all remaining funds left on the account will be returned to the original payment method to deposit the funds into the school account.