Private Pilot License Ground School

Private Pilot License Online Ground School
  • Ground School provides a theoretical material about physical principals of flight, aircraft operation and flight instruments, Aviation law

  • All CFTC programs and courses are based on Transport Canada requirements

  • Our Online Ground School is designed to prepare you for the Transport Canada Private Pilot Written Exam (PPAER)

Private Pilot Licence Ground School

Can$ 1048.95 per 12 month (one year)

5% GST is included

  • Anywhere at any time

    24/7 access to all materials and tests from any place that has an Internet connection.

  • Based on Transport Canada requirements

    All CFTC programs and cources are based on Transport Canada requirements. This Private Pilot Online Ground School includes 30+ videos, 800+ questions and meets Transport Canada regulations.

  • Video lessons

    Video lessons are the most efficient and convenient way to learn quickly.

  • Quizzes for self control

    After every topic you can take a quiz that will insure you understood everything and if not… just repeat video.

  • PSTAR Exam Preparation

    This PSTAR Practice Exam contains the exact 192 questions from Transport Canada.

  • PPL Practice Exam

    As you take more and more of these practice exams, and read the feedback provided after the exam, you will begin to see your grades increase. Each question comes with feedback to help you learn.

  • Offline consultations with our instructors

    Our instructors are available in person for free consultations and tutorials two hours per week at our physical location (date will be posted).

  • Recommendation Certificate

    Upon successfully completing this course you will obtain a recommendation certificate (an Activity Report and detailed Audit-Log) and will be able to write your actual Transport Canada PPAER exam.

  • Actual Transport Canada PPAER exam on site

    When you are ready you will be able to write your actual Transport Canada PPAER exam at the Calgary Flight Training Centre located at the Olds-Didsbury airport.

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