Becoming an International Flight School Student

Note for foreign pilots

Foreign pilots willing to obtain a Canadian commercial pilot licence must meet all requirements listed on our Ask CFTC page or visit Transport Canada website for most updated information.

  • We will require a $5000 CAD deposit for your flight training
    and $350 CAD non-refundable registration fee

    This deposit will go directly into your training account to be used when you start your flight training.

  • You will receive a Letter of Acceptance

    Once we receive deposit and registration fees, then we will send an Letter of Acceptance to your email stating which courses you will be taking, when you start and estimated cost to complete. CFTC is a Designated Learning Institute, and this letter will include our school code which will aid you in getting approved for the student visa.

  • Advise us of your arrival date

    We recommend you advise us of your arrival date by email so that we may plan your bookings. 

  • Once you arrive in Canada

    Services offered for international students above the flight training include 

    In order to help ease the stress and confusion of coming to Canada we at the Calgary Flight Training Centre will help as much as we can once you get here. If you have questions before you arrive or that we can not answer, these services are available to you. They cover such things as:

  • Aviation Language Proficiency Requirements

    In order to receive your pilots license you must pass the Transport Canada English Language proficiency test. 

    To read about the this test required to obtain your pilots license click this link or search “Transport Canada document AC 400-002” on your preferred internet search engine

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