Commercial Pilot License

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The Commercial Pilot Licence is what you need in order to work as a pilot. The Calgary Flight Training Centre is committed to excellence in training tomorrow’s commercial aviators.


The commercial pilot license is divided into a ground school and a flight component. The ground school is comprised of 80 hours training and is designed to prepare you to write your written exam. To be licensed as a commercial pilot you will need a total of 200 hours flight time. While completing commercial training you will obtain a night rating as well as multi-engine instrument rating. Some hours will be done with and instructor but many will also be time-building hours while you build valuable experience. Alberta residents are also eligible for student loans.

Note for foreign pilots

Foreign pilots willing to obtain a Canadian commercial pilot licence must meet all requirements listed on our Ask CFTC page or visit Transport Canada website for most updated information.


  • Hold a valid private pilot license
  • Must be 18 years of age to be licensed however training can begin at an earlier age
  • Category 1 Medical

Course Requirements
Based on minimum Transport Canada requirements

  • Minimum 200 hours total flight time of which
    • 100 hours shall be “pilot-in-command” (PIC)
    • 20 hours shall be cross country
    • 25 hours shall be instrument time (this includes all previously acquired hours)
  • 45 hours dual instruction including:
    • 5 hours night including 2 hours night cross country
    • 5 hours cross country
    • 20 hours instrument
  • 30 hours solo including:
    • 25 hours improving general flying skills
    • 5 hours night
  • 10 hours ground school
  • Passing grade on Transport Canada written exam and flight test

Length of Course

The commercial pilot course can take anywhere between 6-18 months to complete depending on whether the student is full-time or part-time.

Privileges and Limitations

  • The holder of a Commercial Pilot License may operate any Canadian registered single engine non-high performance aircraft for hire in VFR conditions
  • Fly VFR “over-the-top”
  • Fly at night