CFTC has partnered with Olds College to provide our students with accommodations in order to make your stay much more enjoyable and stress free. Olds College is only about a 5 minute drive (10 km away) from the airport where you´ll be training, and has everything you´ll need. Since our housing is right on Olds College campus, you´ll be surrounded by other students for a great social experience that will also help you improve your English if desired. You´ll have access to

  • Internet
  • Common TV area
  • Fitness room
  • Your own private dorm room if you need some peace and quiet
  • Cafeteria on-site, but meal plans are not included. You have to purchase meals separately.

Rooms are furnished with

  • Double bed
  • Night stand
  • Desk, and desk chair

Linens are not provided. The campus also hosts lots of social events you are able to participate in such as movie nights, pizza nights, BBQs, etc.

More information about housing on Olds College website

More information about meal plans on Olds College website

Please be aware that the meal plan is NOT required as the form states. If you have any questions about the form, please let us know by email