How can Canada curb a pilot shortage? Get girls interested in flying early

Accordingly CBC News: Aviation groups are hoping that the past weekend event in Ottawa will help curb Canada’s pilot shortage by getting young girls and women interested in flying. Read more

Meet the 26-year-old airline captain and her 19-year-old co-pilot

Meet the 26-year-old airline captain and her 19-year-old co-pilot

Their combined ages are just 45. But that didn’t stop 26-year-old captain Kate McWilliams and her 19-year-old co-pilot Luke Elsworth from flying hundreds of passengers to their destinations this week.

YVR marks start of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

It was a special day at Vancouver International Airport. A female air traffic controller guided an all-female flight crew to a safe landing. As Randene Neill reports, it highlighted the gender inequality that still plagues the aviation industry. Read more

Pilots are in high demand

How will the US solve its pilot shortage?

Pilots are high in demand, but recent projections from Boeing Co. shows that it may lead to a shaky future in aviation. Pilots are in high demand, but that may mean a troubling future for the aviation industry. The Boeing Company’s recent projections revealed some startling numbers that may have some airlines readjusting their future plans. Read more

Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook

Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook

Burgeoning demand for highly trained personnel.

As global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners over the next 20 years, the demand for personnel to fly and maintain those airplanes will be unprecedented. Information from official Boeing website

DA40 aircraft

Safety by design in Canada

Doesn’t government of Canada ensure all planes are safe? It turns out someare safer than others.

Diamond aircraft design aims to minimize the risk of accident and to reduce the chance to injury of occupants. Read more