CFTC Advantage

  • Our instructors are personable, enthusiastic, and professional.

    You spend a lot of time with your instructor during your flight training, so it’s important to enjoy their company!

  • Our flying lessons are in the Calgary area of Alberta

    so you can enjoy the freedom of an uncontrolled airport, as well as the big city.

  • Olds-Didsbury Airport is a quiet, well maintained,

    airport which enables us to provide safe, efficient, and cost effective flight training. Other airports in the Calgary area are nearing capacity and costly delays can be a regular occurrence.

  • Uncontrolled airspace

    This means there is no waiting for Air Traffic Controllers to clear your take-off and landing. Here, you’re able to start up the aircraft, taxi directly to the runway, and take-off when safe to do so.

  • Practice area is located within a few miles of the airport

    Trainee pilots must train in designated areas. Ours is located within a few miles of the airport, again enabling the student to save valuable money by not having to travel to and from the practice area. Other airports in the area require students to travel far just to begin their flight lesson.

  • Based on Transport Canada requirements

    CFTC students have been able to complete their licenses according Transport Canada requirements in much less time than national average saving more money.

  • Brand new aircraft and simulators.

    Calgary Flight Training Center offers a fleet of G500 Glass cockpit aircraft (Diamond DA 20) and a more sophisticated airplane (Diamond DA 40) equipped with a G1000 Glass Cockpit with Autopilot. The instructors are well experienced on these type of aircraft.

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Weekday evenings by appointment
Weekends, holidays by appointment